Kat Traxler, a Security Professional based in the Twin Cities, specializes in cloud research and security architecture design, focusing on public cloud, container orchestration systems, and IAM platforms.

Her background includes roles in penetration testing targeting web applications and cryptographic infrastructure. Kat has worked professionally in cloud security research for informing detection efforts, engineering detective controls to intercept attacker behavior within the cloud control-plane. Currently she uses her skills to threat model Google Cloud services at TrustOnCloud.

Kat has presented at various conferences including the SANS CloudSecNext Summit and fwd:CloudSec on topics such as privilege escalation in GCP, and bug-hunting in the cloud. In addition to her work at TrustOnCloud, she is a member of IANS Faculty and was the co-author of the SANS SEC549 - Enterprise Cloud Security Architecture.

I can be found equal parts in the world of infoSec and plant twitter @nightmareJS

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